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Food prepared by hands you know...

Courgette and Parmesan Canapé Quiche


Planning a supper for family or a leisurely lunch with friends? For food you would be proud to call your own, we can prepare our pies and bowl puddings in your own dish; simply call or bring it in to enquire.

Winter Canapés

For fuss-free festive hosting, select from our ‘ready to go’ one-bite canapés; they can be popped straight onto your platters for serving or into the oven for heating. We provide full heating instructions as well as white cocktail napkins, ribboned garnish bundles for presentation and full allergen cards for display. All our eats are bespoke and made to order, so please note we require a minimum of 1 – 2 week’s notice.

Roasted salmon with tomato salsa

Food for thought...

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